Hot Summer = Higher Energy Bills! Control Costs with These Tips

This summer has been a scorcher so far, and you’ve probably had to use your air conditioning system a lot. While that means you’ve been able to stay comfortable despite the heat, it also means that once your energy bill comes in the mail, you might not feel so cool and collected. What can you do, then, to save energy this summer? Here are a few tips that can help.

Made in the Shade: By closing your windows and drawing your shades, blinds or drapes, you’ll keep the heat at bay. Exterior shades and awnings are also good ideas for blocking the sun.

Reduce Reliance on Appliances: Running indoor lighting, using your oven, and taking long steaming showers aren’t helpful – they make your AC have to work harder (and expend more energy) – and increase your utility bills. Grill out or use the microwave, take shorter showers, and install energy-efficient light bulbs – all of these measures will help keep your home cooler and help you keep the energy usage down.

Maintain: By having Family Danz perform annual maintenance on your AC unit, you’ll be able to identify if there is an issue with your system causing it to sap energy, and get the problem remedied – before your system gets taxed during the dog days.

Your Dirty Laundry: Whenever possible, wash in cold. And hang your laundry out on the line to dry.

Your Biggest Fan: Fans are a good idea, because moving air feels cooler than stationary air. Running a ceiling fan will allow you to set your indoor temperature a couple of degrees higher with no noticeable difference.

So control your energy usage – and save money this summer – by following these simple tips. And, to learn more about annual maintenance and how Family Danz can help, give us a call at .