Preparing for the Dog Days

We’ve had a few samples of the summer heat-to-come as temperatures have soared towards the 90s several times this spring, so hopefully by now everyone has their air conditioning units cleaned, installed, and serviced if needed to guarantee comfort all season long.

But even with the A/C ready to do its job, there are ways you can help it to maintain your personal comfort even on the hottest days. You’ll also help prolong the life of the A/C unit and save on your energy bills at the same time.

Don’t force your A/C to work harder than it should against adverse factors like poor ventilation and high humidity in the home. You’ll only force it to work harder than it should, wasting energy and money while making you feel less comfortable at the same time.

Check your ventilation and make sure it is clear. Leaving the cooling and the dehumidifying solely up to the air conditioning equipment is simply asking too much of it on the scorcher days, so make it easier on the A/C with the use of a separate dehumidifier. Who hasn’t heard the old saying that “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity”? Well, take care of that with a dehumidifier — with less moisture in the air you’ll actually feel cooler and not have to run the air conditioning as much. You’ll also make the indoor air healthier by helping eliminate the moist and warm ideal breeding ground for mold.

Keep shades drawn during the summer days to prevent the sunlight from coming through the windows and warming the inside. Use a ceiling fan when you are in the room to help speed up the evaporation of moisture on your skin. You’ll feel cooler, and that will encourage you to run the A/C a little less as well.

Double check to make sure the A/C unit’s air filter is clean, since dirt in the filters obstructs the flow of the air and makes the unit work harder. Plus you can get dust and dirt inside the machinery if the filter is dirty, leading to costly repairs.

If you haven‘t already this season, call Family Danz to have your cooling system checked by a professional to make sure it is operating at its maximum efficiency. Have a programmable thermostat installed to make sure the home is comfortable when you are there, but not so cool while you aren’t. Have the ductwork checked for leaks, and sealed where needed.

Help your A/C do its job and it’ll repay you with both added comfort and added savings.

For more information on maintaining your own A/C system, call Family Danz today at .