Keeping Cool With Central Air

There’s no stopping it: the dog days of summer are coming back soon, and, unless you enjoy the sweaty, sweltering heat of the season, you‘ll want to make sure you have ways to stay cool.

If the unseasonably warm reminder of the coming heat we got this March put you in the mind to upgrade your old window-mounted home air conditioners, it might be time to think about having a central air system installed.

These days, you see more and more central air units in homes and commercial buildings as others have already realized the all-around cooling benefits. They pretty much work the same way as their smaller cousins hanging in the window, but on a much larger scale. The central air conditioning is more effective and offers more uniform comfort than the old window units by distributing cooled and dehumidified air throughout the home via ducts.

The advantages of central air over the window air conditioners are numerous. With central air, the machinery is located outside the home, eliminating the constant noise of having the operating system inside. Air quality is improved thanks to the filters the air passes through that weed out the airborne particles, returning the cooled and cleaned air into the rooms without the lint, dust and pollen.

Central air systems cool the entire home rather than just a single area, so you won’t have rooms of different temperatures. Unless this is what you want, in which case a simple closing of a register will control exactly where you want the cold air to flow. And because the unit is outdoors, you don’t have that unsightly hunk of metal blocking your window view.

Central air will even add to the value of your home, becoming a major bonus if you ever decide to sell.

Family Danz sells central air systems offering performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, with units boasting a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of up to 21. With guaranteed high efficiency equipment utilizing the most innovative technology and high quality materials, you can rely on your Family Danz sold and installed central air system to be efficient and cost effective for you well into the future.

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