Giving Your Air Conditioner a Helping Hand

Another day of record heat across New York State in mid-April surely prompted even more folks to think about their air conditioning needs over the long summer soon to come. But whether they are using a window mounted model cooling a single room or a central air unit keeping down the temperature and humidity throughout the home, too many people rely on that poor air conditioner to keep them comfortable in the heat of the dog days all by itself.

You wouldn’t fire up a car after it was sitting dormant for half the year and expect it to drive perfectly fine without a little bit of T.L.C., so why abuse your air conditioner that way?

According to recommendations from the guru of all things energy efficient, the United States government’s ENERGY STAR program, there are several ways to maximize your air conditioner’s function. As always, the first and foremost rule is to always keep the filter clean. Dirty filters obstruct the airflow and make the air conditioner work harder, and when an air conditioner works harder the energy bill goes up. That’s one of those unavoidable life situations. If the filter is dirty it is also more likely to allow dirt and dust into the machinery, and that can lead to costly repairs later on.

Have your cooling system checked by a professional each spring before you turn it on to make sure it is operating correctly and at maximum efficiency. Have a programmable heating and cooling thermostat installed to make sure the home is nice and comfortable when you get there, but not so cool while you aren’t around to enjoy it. Check all cooling ductwork in central air conditioning systems for leaks, and seal where needed using a mastic duct sealant or metal foil-backed HVAC tape around the seams and duct connections.

With some simple helpful maintenance and care, you can actually prompt your AC to run more efficiently, and likely save yourself some money at the same time. Staying cool and saving cash … that sounds like the way to really enjoy the summertime.

For more information on maintaining your own home air conditioning at peak efficiency, or to schedule a pre-season inspection of your own system including a look at everything from the machinery to the accuracy of the thermostat, call Family Danz today at .