Keeping Your Heating Equipment Fueled

On the cold winter days, it’s reassuring to know the comfort of a warm home is always there waiting for you — at least, as long as your heating equipment is properly fueled to keep it running.

Family Danz delivers heating oil, kerosene, and non-toxic and biodegradable Bioheat® fuel, plus on-road and off-road diesel fuel to commercial accounts including farms and construction companies. We only sell premium home heating oil, and at the lowest price possible — and that price is published on our website daily for easy accessibility and comparison.

But in addition to just keeping your heating apparatus running, Family Danz’ home heating oil contains detergents that will keep your heating system running clean and at its peak efficiency. Those additives will in turn reduce the need for service calls, give your equipment extended life, make the environment a little cleaner and — maybe most importantly — save you some cash.

Worried you might forget to call for fuel before it’s too late and you run out in the middle of the coldest winter night? Never fear — Family Danz offers automatic delivery service with no added charge. After a few deliveries we will establish a personal and reliable delivery schedule based on the size of your home, the efficiency of your heating equipment, and how often and how high you run your heat. Long-time customers will see the most accurate automatic deliveries since the more we deliver the better we get to know your needs. Automatic deliveries also offer discounted budget and prepayment plans as well.

If you’d rather call each time you need a delivery, don’t wait for the last minute … we encourage you to do so when your tank’s gauge is between half and a quarter full to allow plenty of time to get your fuel to you.

Family Danz has been treating customers like family in the Albany area for more than 30 years, and new members to that family can receive $50 off their upcoming first home heating oil delivery, with a minimum delivery of 150 gallons. Just check online for the coupon and mention it when scheduling the delivery. This winter special introductory offer is available now through Feb. 29, 2012 — call for complete details.

For more information on fuel delivery or any Family Danz offering, call .