What is Bioheat®, Anyway?

At Family Danz, we feel the need to do our part in helping to sustain the environment in and around the Capital District. That’s why we provide top-of-the-line HVAC equipment, like the Bryant Evolution series, and the best in renewable fuel – Bioheat®.

Family Danz Bioheat is biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing U.S. dependence on foreign petroleum, creating green jobs and improving our environment. Biodiesel fuel is made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as agricultural oils, recycled cooking oil and animal fats.

Bioheat is a good fuel choice for our environment, as it is non-toxic, biodegradable and is essentially free of sulfur and other impurities. When you compare the energy it takes to bring biodiesel to the market as compared to conventional heating oil, biodiesel reduces the carbon dioxide impact by up to 78 percent. Additionally, biodiesel reduces the effects of global warming, and if every household switched to a B5 blend of Bioheat, it would reduce petroleum consumption by up to 500 million gallons.

Not to mention, Bioheat is good for our homes. It allows consumers to add efficiency and get cleaner indoor air without changing their equipment. Conventional heating oil contains sulfur and other impurities that can lead to soot and other harmful emissions, reducing the furnace’s efficiency and contributing to breathing concerns, such as asthma. Bioheat burns cleanlier, even acting as a cleaning agent and lubricant in the furnace, helping it operate more efficiently.

To learn more about how Bioheat can help you help your home and the environment, feel free to visit their website at www.bioheatonline.com, or call Family Danz at .