A Win-Win Situation: Cutting Energy Costs in the Home

A local deejay was lamenting on air the other day the fact that her utility provider had sent her a rather unfriendly letter, telling how they recently surveyed the energy usage in nearby homes. The letter said she didn’t fare well in energy consumption when compared to her neighbors who were using much less, and she wondered how she could fix that.

Concern over cutting energy usage and saving on energy costs is probably at an all-time high right now, thanks to the ailing economy and the desire of many people to become more environmentally friendly. Energy Star reports the average American household spends some $2,200-plus on energy bills each year, with half of that going for heating and cooling. More and more homeowners are now looking for ways to save on those expenses, and following Energy Star guidelines can give them all the information they need to save money, maintain the comfort levels they are accustomed to in their homes, and help reduce global warming.

For starters, all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment should be properly maintained to run at peak performance, because poorly operating machinery is pretty much a proverbial “money pit.” And have you noticed those programmable thermostats you’ve seen on the walls at your friends’ homes? Family Danz can install one for you — you’ll be glad you did, because why would you want to either heat or cool an area when nobody is there to enjoy the constant temperature?  Plus it will be back to the precise comfort level you expect when you come home from a hard day at work.

Air leaks, like any found around the HVAC duct work or any doors and windows, should be sealed with quality caulking material and weather-stripping, and wall and ceiling insulation should be an appropriate thickness all over. Air penetrating through even the smallest leak is like your dollar bills flying outdoors.

HVAC equipment that is somewhat older can often be less efficient and less than profitable to run, so check with Energy Star to learn their guidelines in replacing the outdated machinery with contemporary, environmentally and pocketbook friendly Energy Star-approved apparatus. And by choosing Family Danz to help meet these needs, you’ll be choosing an HVAC contractor who is familiar with and follows those Energy Star guidelines in the installation of the new systems.

Energy Star says an average home releases as much greenhouse gas during the year as two cars. Following their suggestions, not only can you do your part in helping to prevent further contamination to the environment, but keep a few more greenbacks in your wallet. We call that a win-win situation.