Energy Tips

Here are some easy energy saving tips that cost little or no money:

*Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Don’t forget your computer. Most new computers have a sleep setting.

*In the cold months, set your thermostat back 3-5 degrees when not your house is unoccupied.

*In the winter, open window coverings to take advantage of the sun’s natural heating ability. Close the coverings on cloudy days or in the nighttime to help keep the heat in your home.

*Use Energy Star rated water heaters. Set the temperature to 120 degrees for maximum efficiency.

*Close foundation vents in the winter months.

*Keep your freezer as full as possible.

*Run full loads in your washer and dryer, and air dry when possible.

*Vacuum refrigerator coils and don’t obstruct the coils. They need adequate air flow.

*Keep seals and gaskets clean on freezer and refrigerator doors.

*Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs; they could save between 10-25% on your energy bill.

*Clean furnace or boiler systems annually.

*Caulk around windows and doors, check weatherstripping on doors.

*Install a hot water heater blanket around your tank; be careful not to cover vents or controls.

*Install electrical outlet and switch insulation.

*Replace regular thermostats with Energy Star rated programmable thermostats.

*Replace furnace filters on a regular basis. A dirty filter will make the system run inefficiently.